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It is officially hurricane season and as the sailors say; June too soon, July stand by, August look out you must, September remember, October all over. With one month down and three more to go, this means fewer tourists and better travel deals to Cancun and the Riviera Maya. The chances of getting stuck in a hurricane or tropical storm while on vacation are low but there still are a few tourists willing to take the small risk. However, it doesn´t have to be this way. There should be more tourists. With adequate knowledge; a peaceful trip to the warm white sand beaches in Mexico from the months of June to October is possible. Here is why: Staff and managers in all the hotels and resorts of Cancun and the Riviera Maya are well informed on what to do in case of a hurricane. Rest assured that if a hurricane or a tropical storm does strike, guests will be evacuated in adequate time and transported to a safe location.

While traveling anywhere next to the Caribbean Sea during this hurricane season here are some basic rules to follow:

Untitled-14-150x150 1. Buy travel insurance. Normally, it is not all that necessary but, in this case, it is not recommended to take the chance. Nobody wants their vacation ruined by rain and wind. But, this is Mother Nature and sometimes there is no stopping her.
Untitled-23-150x150 2. Monitor storm activity. No, ignorance is not bliss. Know storm activities to better prepare for an evacuation if necessary.
phone-150x150 3. Call home. If you know that you will be evacuated, call home and give your family details of which shelter you will be staying and with which hotel you are a guest.Also, before embarking on your tip, contact your country´s state department and give the department detailed information regarding dates and location of your vacation.
Untitled-5-150x150 4. Pack a bag with essentials. Just in case, pack a small bag consisting of alcohol wipes, cereal bars, canned fruits or veggies, a few bottles of water, clean clothing and something to kill boredom, like playing cards. More often than not, evacuation consists of just sitting and waiting so playing cards and board games are more essential than one realizes.

Other small things to remember are that cell phones and credit cards may not work temporarily. Even if a hurricane does not strike and only strong winds blow through, cell phones, landline phones and televisions will be out of service. So for a replacement of credit cards, carry a little extra cash.

The chance of another hurricane Wilma affecting Cancun or the Riviera Maya this year is slim but in case it does, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Travel to the Caribbean and come well prepared and well informed.