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Today is Cancun´s 40th birthday! And still the youngest city in the entire country…

The history of Kaank’uun (“nest of viper snakes” in Maya), Mexico’s most important tourist destination now a days, originated in the late 1960’s, being a desolate island inhabited by a small group of Mayan fishermen. In the 1970’s the Mexican Government decides to build a tourist destination funded by a 27-million dollar loan from the Inter-American Development Bank. During the 70’s there were hardly any tourists in Mexico, with the birth of this new vacation spot, it rapidlystarted to welcome tourists from all over the world, especially from Europe and the U.S.

Today Cancun counts with over 27,522 hotel rooms operations, hundreds of bars and restaurants, exclusive golf courses, marinas, eco parks, museums, shopping centers, cultural richness, entertainment, and more.

Cancun’s young beaches have been presenting tourists for decades now, with the opportunity to enjoy everyday of their vacation in a unique slice of paradise.

Congratulations on your 40th anniversary Cancun!


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