Day Tours, Excursions, Attractions! Oh My!

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Going to Cancun for a memorable vacation and staying on the resort property the entire trip is fun. But some people like to live on the wild side and need a little more excitement during their holiday. For those who like to experience activities outside of the surroundings of the hotel, Cancun Great Vacations, offers several options for day tours, excursions, and attractions. Here is a list of expeditions that you should consider during your Mexican vacation.

Help Save the Mangroves

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Mangroves: What are they and why are they so important?

Nature preservation. It requires our attention because many of the world’s species are becoming endangered. Mangroves, shrub-like trees that grow in salt water marshes and wetlands of subtropical and tropical regions, are one of them. Mangrove forests have been devastated by acts of nature and especially by man’s land development and industry expansion.