What to Pack for an All Inclusive Resort

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Packing for a vacation is fun, exciting, and sometimes hard. You want to bring the right amount of stuff without over packing, but how do you know what you will need and what to leave home?  Let us show you exactly what you should pack for your you stay at an all inclusive resort. Cheap Flip flops We know you… Read more »

Off the Beaten Path: Places to Visit Near Cancun 

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Cancun is the perfect place to come for a family vacation with warm weather year round and beautiful beaches.  What you may not know is that there are many places off the beaten path that are worth visiting and will be sure to make your Cancun vacation that much more memorable. Crococun Zoo You’ve never been to a zoo like… Read more »

Help Save the Coral Reef in the Mexican Caribbean

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Cancun and the Riviera Maya boast beautiful beaches, warm crystal clear waters, and have hundreds of resorts along the shores of the Mexican Caribbean. But did you also know that Cancun and the Riviera Maya are home to the second largest barrier reef in the world?  The Mesoamerican barrier reef spans from Mexico all the… Read more »

What to Look for While Snorkeling in Cancun

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The Mexican Caribbean offers us plenty of spectacular places to snorkel and we are lucky enough that the water is not only warm but crystal clear! This gives us the perfect opportunity to do some remarkable snorkeling and spot some unique, beautiful, and interesting things along the way.  Let us show you what to look… Read more »

Where to Eat at Plaza La Isla

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Some of the best memories on vacation are made at dinner with your friends and family. Unique atmosphere, delicious food, and yummy drinks always seem to create the perfect setting for a great night out. If you’re staying in Cancun and want a memorable dinner experience, then be sure to add these restaurants from Plaza… Read more »

Scientists Say: “Worry Less, Beach More”

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We all know how calming the beach can be.  The sound of the waves crashing against the shore, the sun on your face, cool breeze in your hair, and even the smell of the salty sea are enough to soothe anyone’s troubles.  But scientists are now claiming that the beach has actual health benefits for… Read more »

Eat Your Way Through Cancun’s Street Food Carts

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Mexican cuisine has always been famous for big flavors and firey salsas, but there are some staple snacks that you may not know about that play a big part in Mexican cuisine and everyday lives.  If you’re headed downtown and are looking to try some delicious and authentic Mexican snacks then you’ll need to know… Read more »