Dance Salsa in Cancun

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Once the Salsa music begins, it’s hard to stay in your seat. The rhythmic beat gets your toes tapping, and before you know it, you’re on the dance floor. Even though it looks complicated, it’s only a few simple steps. Salsa dancing is tons of fun and great exercise too!

Xplor Park: Nature & Adventure in the Mayan Riviera

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Great advice from an adrenaline devotee, for those in the search of wild adventures while visiting the Mexican Mayan Riviera you cannot fail to visit Xplor eco-park. With an investment of 20 million dollars and after five years of work, in 2009 the Yucatan Peninsula welcomed Xplor, an eco-tourism park, offering six miles of adventure in the Mayan Riviera.

In Shape – On Vacation

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When preparing to go on a beach vacation, most of us swear we will exercise every day at the resort’s gym. Having the best intentions, we pack our workout clothes, but in all honesty, do we really want to go to the gym on vacation? Isn’t the point to take a break from real life?

Life and Death Festival 2009 in Xcaret

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Although today (Nov, 2nd) we officially celebrate in Mexico The Day of the Dead, one of our most colorful and beloved traditions, since last Friday, October 30th the eco park Xcaret is presenting the Festival de Tradiciones Vida y Muerte 2009. A celebration full of culture, tradition, music, food and live performances.

7 Secrets to a Sensational Cancun Tan

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If you want to get a sensational Mexico tan on your Cancun vacation, follow these tips to get the best tan of your life! Skin Type Before you head to the beaches in Cancun and the Mexico Caribbean, consider your skin type and heritage. People with lighter skin, freckles; red, blonde, or light brown hair;… Read more »

Mexico’s Best Beach Food

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If you’re reading this on an empty stomach, beware! This article might get your tastes buds going!
When taking a beach vacation, many people rely on heavy, “on-the-go” fried food. However, under warm Caribbean weather, sometimes eating fried food can make you feel uneasy. Our list of suggested beach food is light, very tasty and will leave you feeling refreshed!